Smog and Air Quality

All About Air Quality

Watch the All About Air Quality video to learn about our region's air quality issues and what you can do to help the air we all breathe. 

Air quality is improving, thanks to a combination of regulatory controls and voluntary programs like those offered through The Clean Air Campaign.  But there's still work to do, as population growth brings more demand for energy and more vehicles into the state. 

The Clean Air Campaign invites you to be part of the solution.  Your small actions can make a big difference in the air we breathe, so take some time to learn how you can help.

Smog can affect your health and the nation's economy. Do you know the sources of smog? Being informed is an important first step toward helping improve the air we breathe. Whether you feel its immediate effects or not, everyone can be harmed by poor air quality. Research shows an increase in asthma attacks on Smog Alert days. Air pollution is also related to increased incidences of strokes, heart attacks and lung cancer. 

Fortunately, there is a solution. You. Find out more about air quality here:

Smog and Your Health

Exposure to air pollution affects every breath you take, your heart and your immune system.

Smog Impacts Georgia

Ground-level ozone and particle pollution impact our health, our environment and our local economy.

Sources of Smog

It's not just what you can see that can hurt you.  Find out where ground-level ozone and particle pollution come from.

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