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More than 1,600 Georgia employers and property managers are working with The Clean Air Campaign and its partners to make every mile count.

Before the average Georgia commuter gets to work he or she has driven almost 20 miles through traffic. By the time they get to work, they're already stressed. Through the Georgia Commute Options program, The Clean Air Campaign and our partner organizations motivate employees to carpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, bike or walk to work. When they do, those miles to and from work become less stressful so employees are happier and more productive. Let us help you make every mile count.

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Partnership Program
More than 1,600 Georgia employers and property managers use free services to create and improve commute options programs.

Telework Consulting
Nationally-recognized experts can help you start a telework, compressed work week and/or flextime program.

Tax Benefits
Employers and employees can receive tax benefits from commute options programs.

Idling Reduction
You can protect employee health and save fuel with this turnkey program.

Education series

Education Series
Register for free seminars and webinars that boost your program, productivity and bottom line.

Around the State
Many areas in Georgia do not meet air quality standards. We're working throughout the state to change that.