Telework Resource Tools

These tools are designed to help you set up a successful teleworking program in your office. Want an even easier option? Contact us.

Telework Implementation Process

Outlines steps to successfully implementing a telework program.

Sample Policy

Provides guidelines to develop parameters of your teleworking program.

Teleworker Agreement

Outlines terms and conditions between employee and supervisor for the duration of the telework project.

Teleworker Assignment Template

Defines the specifics of teleworking such as frequency, type of work to be completed, location of teleworking, etc.

Teleworker Selection Survey for Employees

A questionnaire for employees to determine the potential for teleworking.

Teleworker Selection Survey for Supervisors

A questionnaire for supervisors to select the candidates for teleworking.

Home Office Safety Checklist

A checklist for a potential teleworker for safety in the home office.

Memo to Management

A sample memo to propose the idea of teleworking to your supervisor.