Benefits of the Program

Incentives. It's a win, win, win, win and win situation.

Commuter Rewards 101

Learn more about how you can earn cash and win prizes in this quick video.

An independent study found 74% of commuters who participate in Georgia Commute Options' incentive programs are still using alternatives to driving alone 18-24 months after making the switch.

Why sign up for Commuter Rewards?

  1. You can receive $3 a day, up to $100.
  2. Your carpool of three or more people can qualify for free gas.
  3. You can earn prizes for logging your clean commute at
  4. You can save thousands of dollars a year on your commute.
  5. You can get more personal time to enjoy your life.
  6. You can pollute less.

With Georgia Commute Options' incentives programs, you get rewarded when you carpool, vanpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, bike or walk to work.

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