Choose a Better Air Lifestyle

Be part of the solution. Be part of The Clean Air Campaign.

There are many actions you can take daily to be part of The Clean Air Campaign and improve our air.

Commuter Spotlight Video

Watch Susan Meehan's commuter spotlight video to find out how this marathon walker, who trains outdoors, improves air quality through her commute.

The Air We Breathe

Read about air quality and what we can do to improve it.

Being part of The Clean Air Campaign means you know that bad air quality hurts all of us, especially children and the elderly. And that it hurts business as well. You know that with 9 million people in Georgia, and more moving here every day, we have to act now. You also know that you can make a difference.

Better Air for Your Community

If you’re committed to a better air for your community, then let's take action.

Better Air at Home

Here are some easy but important changes you can make at home.

Better Air on the Go

Combine trips, plan ahead. Easy ways for you to have better air.