Georgia Commuters Get More Incentive to Vanpool to Work

Commuter Rewards offering up to $100 to join vanpool, $50 for recruiting riders

(ATLANTA, GA — 11.10.10)

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Sharing the ride to work just got a little sweeter for Georgia commuters. The Clean Air Campaign has announced that its $3 a day incentive program is now open to vanpoolers, adding a sixth commute option to the highly successful program that rewards new clean commuters with up to $100 cash.

Since 2005, vanpoolers have been winning monthly prize drawings for $25 gift cards through Commuter Rewards, and many vanpoolers have been able to take advantage of the Commuter Choice tax benefit that allows riders to pay for vanpooling using pre-tax dollars and save up to one-third of their vanpool costs. But the $3 a day incentive aims to attract current solo drivers to vanpooling.

“Our goal is to reduce the number of cars commuting on Georgia’s roadways, and one vanpool can take 14 cars off the road,” said Kevin Green, executive director of The Clean Air Campaign. “The idea behind the $3 a day program is simply to get solo drivers to try an alternative to driving alone. When they do, we have found that most commuters stick with it long-term, well-after the incentive ends.”

Commuter Rewards provides $3 per day, up to $100 over three months, when a commuter switches from driving alone to using an alternative such as carpooling, transit, telework, walking, biking or vanpooling. An independent study from the Center for Transportation and the Environment on behalf of the Georgia Department of Transportation found that 74 percent of program participants were still using alternatives to driving alone 18-24 months after the $3 a day incentive ended.

Vans are typically owned, insured and maintained by private vanpool providers like Enterprise and VPSI, and a group of seven to 15 riders split the cost of gas. For workers who travel long distances, vanpooling is considered an ideal commute option to save money and relax to and from work.

“I save around $150 a month in gas and $52 dollars a month in parking fees,” said vanpooler Tracey Robinson, who rides a van into Atlanta from Hall County. “This does not even include the depreciation I save by not driving my vehicle.”

Vanpools in metro Atlanta travel an average round-trip distance of 72 miles. Traveling that distance in a 15-passenger van costs each commuter approximately $1,200 annually, but driving alone costs an average of $7,000 annually in fuel, maintenance and wear and tear.

Vans can also qualify for a $300/month subsidy, and vanpoolers who recruit new riders to vans that have been operating for at least 90 days can also qualify to receive $50 referrals.

The Clean Air Campaign and its partners have helped start and support more than 350 vanpools across the state and can help interested commuters join vanpools in their area. Vanpoolers can also track their commutes to instantly see how much money they are saving and the amount of pollution they are keeping out of the air.

For more information on vanpooling and the Commuter Rewards incentive program, visit

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About The Clean Air Campaign

The Clean Air Campaign is a not-for-profit organization that works with Georgia's employers, commuters and schools to encourage actions that result in less traffic congestion and better air quality. To accomplish this goal, The Clean Air Campaign, along with its associate organizations, partners with more than 1,600 employers to create custom commute options programs; and annually helps thousands of commuters find commute alternatives that work for them, providing financial incentives to get them started. The Clean Air Campaign also protects public health by issuing Smog Alerts and empowers students, parents and teachers to play a positive role in reducing traffic and cleaning the air through a multi-faceted education program reaching elementary, middle and high schools.

Each day, these programs reduce 1.6 million miles of vehicle travel and keep 800 tons of pollution out of the air we breathe. For more information, call 1-877-CLEANAIR (1-877-253-2624) or visit

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