Merging Lanes: Inside Georgia’s Transportation and Air Quality Issues

On this Valentine's Day, and every day, our hearts beat true for less traffic and cleaner air.  So, pucker up and embrace the clean commuting love in this latest edition of Merging Lanes.

Romantic Routes: Georgia Ranks High on Roads with Amorous Names

Who knew?  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, an entertaining report from a maker of GPS devices reveals that some of the most “romantic” roads in the U.S. are found right here in the Peach State.  Georgia boasts 70 miles of roads with amorous names that include phrases like “Darling” or “Rose” or “Heart” in them.  Perhaps just the inspiration you need to fall in love with a commute alternative, like this cute couple.

Lane ends 2,000 feet.

Thinking Big for Cleaner Air: Article Suggests Smog Solutions

Great article from National Geographic that describes the causes of air pollution and offers a handful of “big picture” ideas to tackle the problem.  While the intro concentrates on the state of the air in Los Angeles, there are many parallels to the challenges we’re facing in Georgia, from population growth to increasing pressure on the existing transportation network.  Among the many spot-on suggestions?  Increasing public awareness when air quality is unhealthy.  The Clean Air Campaign has you covered with Smog Alerts.  More than 12,000 Georgians are signed up to receive them.  Are you?

Lane ends 1,000 feet.

Purchasing Power of a Penny: ATL Transportation Referendum Projections Spell Out Potential Benefits

The Atlanta Regional Commission recently released a raft of projections about the economic and quality of life benefits that the 150+ projects on the docket for Atlanta could yield.  Among the notable forecasts: the total $8 billion list could yield a 4:1 return on investment, and the environmental benefits derived from less vehicle idling in traffic could yield air quality improvements roughly equal to 72,000 fewer tailpipes on the road.  Still puzzling through the data, but it's clear this information will shape the way in which this referendum is presented to voters.

Lane ends 500 feet.

New Twist on Traffic Fate: Psychic Predicts Your Commute

Stalled out vehicle on the Downtown Connector.  Heavy volume at I-575.  Sunshine slowdown on I-20.  Sometimes, our collective rush hour commuting fate can feel like a roll of the dice.  And more commuters are embracing tools like 511 and Georgia NaviGAtor to help dodge traffic.  But ABC news recently reported on a more … um, celestial … method some folks are using to predict the outcome of their commute.  With tarot cards at the ready, could the traffic psychic have answers about your next trip?



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