How to Craft the Perfect Commuting Resolution for 2012

The calendar says this is the time of year when many of us will look inward and reflect on life as we know it.  It’s the ideal time to look back on the year that was, take inventory of the pluses and minuses and chart a course for the year ahead.  The net result for many of us is that we find something we want to change about ourselves or our surroundings. 

Polls indicate we seldom stray from the big four resolutions: exercise more, save more money, spend more time with family, enjoy life more.  But everyone knows it’s hard to do “more.”  According to a research project out of the UK, only 12% of us make good on our resolutions.  What if we have it all wrong?  Maybe some of our resolutions should actually be framed around doing less.

When it comes to sustainability, addition by subtraction sometimes yields better results.   The Clean Air Campaign suggests these ideas to make less mean more in 2012:

Drive less. 
Every mile you’re not driving alone keeps a pound of pollution out of the air we breathe, puts 47 cents back in your pocket and gives you the opportunity to use your travel time to do the things you enjoy.

Make fewer excuses about why you can’t do it.
One in four vehicle trips covers less than a mile in distance.  There’s a whole network of options out there if you look around.  Push outside your comfort zone.  Walk or bicycle, and prove to yourself that you can get there.  Take the bus, and prove to yourself that you can read the route map.  Leave your car at home and prove to yourself that you don’t need it as a crutch while you’re at your workplace.  If you need a ride home, we’ve got your back

Pay less attention to the conventional wisdom of transportation policy. 
The model for transportation funding, which relies heavily on the motor fuel tax, could use some updating.  Georgians will go to the polls in 2012 to vote on a different funding model (referred to as a T-SPLOST) that could yield tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements over the next decade – money we would not otherwise get from the motor fuel tax – by leveraging an additional penny sales tax.  Worth reading about so you can form your opinion and make you voice heard.

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