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Kevin Green

How many meetings have you driven to in the past week? Are you scheduling more conference calls or finding other ways to communicate to stay off the roads (and away from the gas station)? This week the spotlight is on Web conferencing. In two days, we’ve got a free lunch and learn seminar that might offer even more relief to you or your employer. We offer a series of free training seminars annually, but this is the first time we’ve offered this subject.

And if you think it’s just for offices – think again. The Associated Press recently reported on a University of Oklahoma alumnus who will be co-teaching a class from Iraq via Web conference. TV correspondent Mike Boettcher will be embedded with U.S. soldiers in Iraq for 15 months and will teach the “War and Media” class this fall from the front lines. But I digress…

Our July 10 training seminar will be led by Henry E. Liebling, a consultant with 20+ years experience, and promises to teach you the best practices for holding a meeting without ever leaving your office - and how Web conferencing can improve productivity.

We’ve also got two other training seminars that may be of interest later in 2008. On September 4, we’ll be going over the Georgia Telework Tax Credit, and on November 10, we’ll present the “State of the Commute.” But I’ll remind you about those when they get a little closer.

If you can’t join us at DeKalb Technical College on Thursday, check back soon for the session recap. If you are joining us, great. I’ll see you there!