Check out this new case study video about telework, and how The Clean Air Campaign helped one employer make the transition from an informal arrangement to a formal program that yielded improved productivity and got more employees to participate.


Vocalocity received the inaugural PACE Telework Catalyst Award at the 2011 PACE Awards.  Learn more about their program here.

At a|i|m Marketing Solutions, we have been thrilled with what telework has brought to our company.  Not only does it contribute to the organization’s objectives and employees’ well-being, it also does a small part in saving our precious environment.  With technologies such as Skype, smart-phones, and company laptops, we find that our employees are more productive when working from home. 

a|i|m Marketing Solutions implemented our “teleworking day” policy in 2007, and ever since, it has been our employees’ favorite day (besides Saturday and Sunday of course!) After 90 days of working with us, an employee is eligible to pick one day a week to work from home.  We expect them to have a “business as usual” type day, constantly checking email and phones.  Our laptops have enabled us to connect to our server from outside the office, so an employee should have no problems pulling files or information they might need. 

We have also found that telework makes for much happier a|i|m employees.  With the majority of our company having young families, they are able to work while still being able to be supportive wives, husbands, and parents.  The combination of the exciting work we do here at a|i|m while also being able to see your family more often has proven to be one of my favorite things about our company.  The ever important balance between work and family is understood at a|i|m and we are proud to offer our employees the option of teleworking!

Brooks Tolbert is account coordinator at a|i|m Marketing Solutions.

During Georgia Telework Week, watch this space for other guest blog posts from Clean Air Campaign employer partners and commuters who appreciate that sometimes the best commute is the one we don't have to make.